Barbarian Army Strength Sword

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The Barbarian Army was created after I read or while I was reading the James Silke book series Death Dealer. A character created and brought to life by the legendary artist Frank Frazetta in his 1973 painting of the Death Dealer. In that series the term Barbarian Army hit me. And from that the loadable Barbarian Army sword was created. Its a barbaric yet beautifully majestic metal masterpiece that can be used like a mace to swing or do other body strengthening exercises with. It weighs 12 lbs empty and can be loaded up to 30 lbs with steel shot or heavier with lead shot. It is 46" long with a 1-1/2" diameter handle.  Each sword is meticulously metal crafted by my hands, using over 30 years of metal working experience along with over 30 years of strength training to bring to life a one of a kind metal work of art that will beckon you to grab and use as well as grabbing the attention of all the lesser mortals that may catch a glance of it. 

After you order your Sword, you will be put on a list and each sword will be made in that order.  I will have available a rush charge if you simply can not wait too long for yours. This lets me give future Barbarians a chance to get the highest quality strength metal masterpiece at an amazing price but also lets those to money is no object to get one quicker.  The hours that are put into these are massive, I will be reaching out to current Barbarians to get testimonials so that they can be shared. After you are put on the list I will contact you to give you estimated time frame of completion, get any specs or customizations you may want and to get your t shirt size for your own Barbarian Army t shirt. 

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    Barbarian Army Sword

    Posted by Ronald on 21st Nov 2023

    This only looks like a sword. When in fact it is the world's only "living" mace. A torque curve shape shifter.
    With every touch you and your neuromuscular system are in for the treat of a lifetime.
    As shot runs from base to tip, I am able to precisely control the rate of flow, giving me more incentive to remain under tension. The ability to feel individual bbs run the length of the handle, through the blade and back mind blowing. Light loads become heavy at whim.
    Every movement has become a proprioceptive dance.
    A "mace" which replicates and/or exceeds the torque dynamics of multiple dedicated macesand clubs,opens the door to unforeseen realms of rotational strength training, channels your inner hero, and oh yeah...IT'S A SWORD?!?!?!

    Swords by their nature provide a much more varied pallette of movement than a traditional mace, demanding even more full body integration and unconventional preparedness.

    This sword is even more mesmerizing to use than to gaze upon. Facts.

    SG quality? Check!
    Game changing stimulus? Check!
    Big Barbarian Energy? Check!

    Stop wondering, fam. Save yourself thousands of dollars.
    Order the one tool to rule them all.
    Your Level Up is waiting.

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    A loadable sword that will improve your sword arts prowess

    Posted by Ray on 10th Dec 2021

    Wow. Ryan made me a shorter version of the dragonslayer from Guts of the famed manga Berserk. In my case, he also did some excellent flame work. You'd think an 8-pounder would be heavy. It is, but it is very balanced for club over the shoulder swings. And with some core and arm strength, you could train just like Guts! With some customization suitable just for you. You have to get this!