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A legendary feat of strength, lifting the york Blob.  There are several blobs out there today. Replicas, hex blobs, new blobs of all weights and sizes.  So here are your options.  Buy any and all blobs and block weights you can get your hands on, racking up hundreds if not thousands of hard earned $$$$ so you can one day lift THE blob....or....

Save huge $$$ and get a StrongerGripTM Loadable BlobTM that gives you unlimited incremental weight possibilities to build up to your best in a trackable and focused way. Here are just a few highlights of the Loadable blob.

  • Empty weight is 5 lbs
  • Loaded weight of the blob is 23 lbs with steel media and 30 lbs with lead shot
  • Comes with a removable loading pin making this the most incredible blob EVER!
  • Use plates, shot or start with weights then micro load your way to bigger poundages
  • Very comfortable design
  • Use as a block weight without loading pin or with

The size on the Loadable BlobTM is 5.10" wide x 6.5"  Empty weight 5 lbs, with loading pin 6 lbs.

If you don't have unlimited space and cash, then the StrongerGripTM Loadable BlobTM is just what your looking for, and if you do have unlimited space and cash, you'll want more than one!

And, the loading pin design allows for olympic or standard plates!! Genius.


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  • 5
    comfortable progressive grip strength builder

    Posted by santhosh on 13th Sep 2012

    This is an extremely well made blob. Using shot, you can progressively increase the weight - slowly. Invest in a funnel if you do that. The loading pin can be used with standard or olympic weights. To use standard plates, remove the outer sleeve of the loading pin. Olympic plates fit nicely and micro loading plates (1/4 lb and up) are the way to go.
    Empty blob (mine) weighs 5.2 lb and the loading pin (with outer olympic sleeve weighs 2 1/2 lb).
    Happy training.

  • 5
    Solid construction! Great product!

    Posted by Jim Bathurst on 31st Oct 2011

    I picked this up for my grip training in hopes of one day completing the GNC grip gauntlet. This thing is one quality piece of equipment!

    I chose the textured paint option and it has just a slight bit of bite to it - enough for a little chalk to stick.

    The loading pin has an extra metal sleeve on it so you can use either standard or olympic plates. Brilliant.

    It's got a slightly more rounded slope than a real blob, but that will save your thumb webbing from getting torn up.

    Well built. Get it.