Leverage Wrist Twister

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Expected release date is 1st Sep 2022

The Leverage Wrist Twister! 16 years ago, I created the leverage block. Simple idea for building wrist strength to mimic plate curls.  Also great for pinch grip strength.  Like many of my ideas, they come in the form of lucid dreams.  I fall asleep and my mind starts coming up with ideas and putting things together while I sleep. The Leverage Wrist Twister was such an idea and when I woke up, I went to the shop to bring it to life. This is THE next generation Leverage Block.  

The leverage can be changed by extending the shaft and moving the weight farther away from the block, making it harder. Closer to the block is easier.

The weight can also be twisted 360 degrees to offset the leverage. Giving your wrists so may angles of twisted wrist strengthening.

Overhand gripping for more twisted wrist pronation and supination options.  

I am excited that 16 years after the original Leverage Block, I now bring you the Leverage Wrist Twister!!

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