Push Up Grip Spikes

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Push Up spikes are a cool twist on the standard push up.  They are challenging and call into action more wrist and overall body stability than ever before.  There are other push up spikes around, all with their own uses and merits.  A great SG customer, Louie, shared this idea that spawned the The StrongerGrip PUGS(Push Up Grip Spikes). Thanks to Louie you get to  take your push ups  to another level.  The first offering is a 3-1/2" Burger Shape, they have an amazing feel, allowing you to grip different areas on the globe to change the leverage.  There is no splitting the fingers with a t design, just pure comfort and agony once you get using them!  They are sold in Pairs. Also comes with pair of rubber pads. These are for using on smooth surfaces.

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    Posted by rick breaux on 12th Nov 2023

    these are really great and nicely done. i have a mace and indian club also from here

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    Pushup Spikes

    Posted by A.B. on 6th Nov 2023

    Love my pushup spikes. They are a great addition to my program more specifically pushup routine. Ryan does great job making them. Excellent quality. I'd recommend them for sure.

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    Burger PUGS

    Posted by Jon Capel on 14th Oct 2023

    Great quality and workmanship in building the Burger PUGS. Very effective grip and wrist strength challenge and workout . Thanks Ryan for excellent customer service.

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    Burger PUGS

    Posted by Jon Capel on 12th Oct 2023

    Excellent workmanship .Functional grip strength and wrist stabilization are some of the benefits from using SG PUGS. I own all (3) models: Long Shaft , Short Shaft and Burger shape. The PUGS provide a challenging and rewarding workout for grip , wrists , triceps and shoulders. Thanks Ryan for the excellent customer service.

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    Pushup Spikes

    Posted by Al on 11th Feb 2023

    Another good tool in my gym. Makes doing pushups alot tougher. Well made as all Ryan's equipment.

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    These SUCK!!!

    Posted by tired on 31st Jul 2020

    The only pushups that do anything for me are HSPUs; 179* and lower don't hit the muscle fibers I'm interested in anymore.

    Axe me how many standard pushups I can do with these. Think of a number between 0 and 2. That's right, I can proudly do a 14" elevated 3/4 pushup, the 5 minutes that takes spent planning how to ditch when my entire system gives out. It's totally irresponsible of Ryan to ship these without a catcher's mask.

    Mine are unfinished, with nice wire brush scoring, without which I'd just throw these out, zero chance of me even getting in position with smooth globes. My stems are ~1.5"? dia that are rounded at the ends, so no smaller globes on mine. I first tried this on a dense pile oriental rug -- this is how necks break. Wood, marble, tile, vinyl all seem like bad ideas as well; I'm cheating by putting these on 1" neoprene, because cheating keeps my health insurance premiums down. Ryan probably does his on ice, because Ryan's a showoff.

    My Orbigrip became a toy a few days after I received it, so I was shocked at how much you (meaning I) shake throughout the entire 3/4 pushup process; doing them elevated means you'll (I) shake when putting the second foot on the elevated surface.

    I bench with Fatbells and 1"&5/8" chains in a short mass for dead weight; when I lay back with them if the chains swing 1mm my neuro will happily shut every part of my life process down, just enough an excuse to sap all strength. I was hoping these pushup globes would help me own all axies at the wrist when under reasonably heavy weight, and I'm certain they will. In about 20 years. When I can do 1 pushup.

    Thinking about buying a second pair for my feet, because I've always hated my nose.

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    Posted by Brandon R on 27th Jun 2020

    Great product. Have a great feel to them.

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    Globe Spikes

    Posted by Robert L Ware Jr on 31st May 2020

    Ryan, these "Globe Spikes" are Mid Evil. I know that, if I can master this device, I have level up in my personal performance. Thanks, Robert aka @IRON_FIST_ROB Instagram.

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    Push up Spikes/Globes

    Posted by on 27th Jun 2019

    Outstanding quality and really challenging- 100% satisfying and highly recommended!