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The Original StrongerGrip Thor Hammer has returned. They are finally back.  16 years ago when StrongerGrip began, grip was the goal. The thick handle Thor hammer was like holding a bolt of lightning!  Swinging it and smashing it for as long as your grip would allow would bestow grip like an Asgardian god. These will be done in flame color and finished metal color. 

What makes the SG Thor Hammer leagues above anything else available?

*Each Hammer is Metal Crafted by Ryan J Pitts (unheard of in manufacturing, these are not manufactured, they're created)

*High Quality US Metal

* TIG Welded construction-Tungsten Inert Gas, a torch and filler rod, more artistic and bead control. Standard industry is MIG-Metal Inert Gas, wire feed, quicker cheaper way to weld.

*Stainless Steel end caps and cover cap. 

*Grip Grooves on 1.9" diameter handle

*Large loading hole. 1-1/2". Shot loading can be a pain, the larger the loading hole, the easier. 

*Large Range of weight options in 1 hammer. 12 lbs empty weight, use steel or lead shot for a hammer as heavy as 30 lbs. Also can use coins, washers, nuts, bolts, etc. Whatever you can fit in a 1-1/2" hole.

What will using a SG Thor hammer do for you?

       Swinging or Smashing

*You'll gain wrist wrenching strength

*Gorilla like Grip strength

*Popeye sized Forearms

*Make use of the large pommel and turn your fingers into predator like talons

*Pronation and supination exercises to bring your competitor to their knees

*Bulletproof shoulders when swung like Indian Clubs

*Tenacious Triceps when used for extensions

*True Hammer curls for hitting biceps in ways a dumbbell simply can't

*Crushing strength when doing Hammer flyes and presses





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  • 5
    You are worthy!

    Posted by Ronald on 12th Mar 2024

    From the pommel to fill cap bolts, this baby is a testament to otherworldly quality. The more recent option of a slimmer handle diameter while lowering the cost of entry, ups the ante when it comes to control and free flowing movements. Flips are a breeze. This hammer will practically leap into hand when summoned. The overall balance and finish of the tool is top tier. Someone recently described the knurled as bewilderingly soft "because I know it's metal and metal isn't soft, but..." Yep. Like that. Mind. Blown. Gains. Grown.
    This hammer is a lifetime of joy in training and strength awaiting you!

    Hurry and buy yours today, brave soul, for you are worthy!

  • 5
    Thor hammer

    Posted by Michael Ienna on 18th Jul 2022

    I was a designer at BMW designworks la studio.
    Your craftsmanship and design are world class awesome !!

  • 5
    Cool hammer!

    Posted by Tattoo on 13th Jul 2022

    I am 100% satisfied with my Thor hammer! You can tell as soon as you take it out of the ,box, its a quality made item. Reasonably priced. Fast shipping ! Already got my eye on something he creates! Man up and buy one! Build those tiny wrists and forearms!

  • 5
    Thor Hammer (Flame)

    Posted by Dave Levy on 14th Feb 2022

    This is basically my new favorite thing I own, vying for top-spot with my S.G. Tactical sledge. In a world of mass-produced junk goods and expensive digital monkey faces (NFTs), this beautifully-crafted strength tool is an oasis of craftsmanship and value. A legitimate work of art!