About Us

StrongerGrip is really all about you.  The pursuit of strength and health.  Having fun while doing this and the long lost art of quality craftsmanship.   StrongerGrip is about overcoming obstacles, beating the odds, living life with passion and chasing your dreams at all costs.  It's also about hammers, clubs, maces, Swords, battle axes and grip gear, but those are my creative outlet.  You see, growing up I was the shy introverted kid, always worried about what others thought, I didn't really voice who I was.  I always loved metal and creating, but had no clue where to go from there.  My journey started with the pursuit of strength and health. From this journey came self awareness and an insatiable thirst on how to overcome. 

Back to you, where you are on your journey has brought you here, this site of a one man army, making outstanding gear and standing out from the crowd.  You see all around us people who say, don't make waves, just fit in, settle for this, settle for that, you can't do that, the odds are against you.  I say to them a big FUCK YOU!!!  In the nicest way possible.  A big Fuck you while I climb this mountain of obstacles no matter what.  

I want you to succeed in whatever you are pursuing.  If it be strength and health, the many tools I provide will help you there.  Deeper than that, I truly want you to succeed in life.  It has been 17 years since StrongerGrip came into being.  It really started 30 years ago, but that's for another time.  I have had many obstacles to overcome and so many excuses that I could have used to quit at any time.  That's not me.  And I know it's not you either.  I will share more of my story as time goes on, I hope it will inspire you, I hope it will make you look at where you are now and take action to make the necessary changes if it's not where you want to be and  I hope to bring you strength and health with my SG gear. 

Hammer Down and kick some ass.

Ryan J Pitts